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Arabian Radio Network

Accomplished Production Manager at Arabian Radio Network, I specialize in the creation of high-quality audio content. With expertise in precise audio editing, sound mixing, and impactful sound effects, I am responsible for personally crafting up to 50 radio commercials daily.

These commercials are broadcasted across three English stations, reaching millions of listeners. In addition to managing voiceovers and scriptwriters, I actively engage in scriptwriting to ensure the exceptional delivery of projects. Furthermore, I possess strong proficiency in handling supplier invoices, ensuring smooth financial operations.


City of Life (Film)

As an audio engineer, I contributed to the production of "City of Life," a captivating multilingual Emirati film by Ali F. Mostafa. In this role, I recorded voiceover dialogue, foley, and sound effects, while also handling the mixing process. It was a fulfilling experience to work on this dynamic and thought-provoking film set in Dubai, which beautifully depicted the diverse and intricate lives of its characters.

city of life.jpeg

Bilal: A New Breed of Hero — International Animation

Part of the acclaimed post-production team for 'Bilal: A New Breed of Hero' (2018), a celebrated Netflix film portraying the inspiring story of Bilal ibn Rabah. Contributed to voiceover recording, foley, sound effects, and audio mixing. The film's remarkable animation, attention to detail, and captivating Arabic-Western soundtrack garnered critical acclaim and awards, including Best Inspiring Movie at Cannes


Omar (TV Series)

As an audio engineer, I was responsible for recording and editing dialogue, adding Foley and sound effects, and mixing the audio for the historical Arab television drama miniseries-serial "Omar" (also known as "Omar Farouk"). Directed by Hatem Ali and produced and broadcast by MBC1, the series explores the life of the historical figure Omar Ibn Al-Khattab, one of the companions of the Prophet Muhammad. It was an honor to contribute to this project and help bring the story to life through immersive sound design.


Siraj TV Show (3 seasons)

I am proud to have played a crucial role in the creation of the animated kids' edutainment series, "Siraj." Over the course of 45 episodes, I took charge of the show's audio elements, including crafting engaging dialogue that captivated young minds, adding immersive sound effects that brought the show's world to life, and meticulously mixing and mastering each episode to ensure top-notch audio quality.


Being part of "Siraj" has been a rewarding journey, knowing that I have contributed to an educational and entertaining experience that will leave a positive impact on children's learning and enjoyment.


IMAGINE show - Dubai Festival City — Light, water and fire show

"IMAGINE" is a captivating sensory spectacle that melds light, water, fire, aqua screens, and 30 fountains with immersive surround sound to craft mesmerizing mapping experiences. This breathtaking fusion of elements transforms each performance into a dynamic narrative, with dynamic lights painting the night sky, water and fire dancing in harmony, and aqua screens projecting enchanting visuals on water's surface.

The enveloping surround sound system completes the sensory immersion, creating a unique and unforgettable experience that blurs the line between imagination and reality, leaving audiences with lasting memories of this extraordinary show.

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